Welcome to AIRADS College

Welcome to AIRADS College a national TVET technical training college,  We are the best college registered and licensed by TVETA, a Centre of Excellence where Quality is nurtured. We focus on Technical vocational Education and training TVET- TVET education worldwide is seen as a tool that empowers trainees with practical skills, technical know how for self and gainful employment, We at AIRADS College embrace the new TVET sector transformative reform agenda of Competency Based Education and Training, otherwise known as CBET is thought as an integral part in national development and indeed an enabler to our country’s current development agenda,READ MORE


AIRADS College is A centre of Excellence ,where quality is nurtured.Over the years,we have had tremendous impacts on the society in the academic world. We are dedicated and committed to offer  quality Technical  education , diverse services and training in accordance with TVETA  requirements and policies. Join the best college in Kenya.Read More



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African Institute of Research and Development Studies –AIRADS College is the best College that provides a holistic training, innovation and research environment to equip trainees with the best tools and enable them acquires relevant hands on transferable skills in various disciplines namely, Electrical Engineering & ICT, Hospitality and Tourism, Health and Social sciences, Business management studies, journalism and media studies, education and Many More.  We nurture quality by providing cutting edge training to our students. We focus on tailoring our training to provide market driven solutions to our present day skills requirements; every challenge is an opportunity to greatness.


Welcome to AIRADS college, a world class center of excellence .Apply Now for our May  2020 intakeREAD MORE

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It is the desire of any student to find a conducive and suitable environment for learning.READ MORE

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There is a growing interest in social responsibility of the corporations among academicians and practitioners.

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KNEC exams registration ongoing.Get more authenticated updates by AIRADS College Journalism department.

Our Vision

To be a world class center of excellence and innovation in Technical, Research and Entrepreneurship Training.


Our Mission

To Provide  Quality Technical and Entrepreneurship Training and Cutting Edge Research that will ensure Developmental Transformation of Individuals and Communities in the World.


  • Innovative thinking
  • Hard work
  • Integrity
  • Excellence
  • Corporate Social Responsibility


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School of engineering, and Information technology register a mass innovation,creativity and advancements in the current developments in the current development world.AIRADS gives you diverse environment to understand the fundamental engineering techniques.

  • Electrical Engineering and Installation
  • Welding and Fabrication
  • Plumbing
  • ICT

our faculty includes committed professionals with extensive experience. This ensures our programs are relevant to the challenges you face in the work place.

The School of Health Sciences has grown tremendously since its inception in 2006.The school  has collaborations with the Ministry of Health, & AMREF

Certificate courses

  • Certificate In Community health Development
  • Certificate in community Health &  Development
  • Certificate in social work
  • cert in health records &IT
  • Cert in Nutrition & Dietetics mgt

Diploma courses

  • Diploma In Nutrition &Dietetics management
  • Diploma in social work
  • Diploma in community Development
  • Diploma In Community health Development
  • Diploma in spiritual counseling
  • diploma in health records &IT
  • Diploma in HIV testing management



To meet the current market demands and skills in the tourism and hospitality field, we have put in place all facilities required to undertake this lessons.

School of Tourism and Hospitality

  • Hotel and Catering Management
  • Housekeeping and Laundry
  • Food and Beverage Management
  • Tourism Management
  • Tour Guiding and operations
  • Bakery Technology

School of Beauty

AIRADS college has committed itself in accordance to its mission statement to give the most advanced and technical skills in this department.
beauty therapy courses are practical and comprehensive. … Pursue a career in beauty services as a nail technician or makeup artist, or focus on skin care, body massage and advanced treatments using a variety of machinery.

The Courses offered  includes:

Beauty therapy

Hair dressing


customer care management

School of  media studies register a mass innovation,creativity and advancements in the current development in the  world.AIRADS gives you diverse environment to understand the fundamental media techniques.Information technology is one of the most competitive part of technology experts in this field. We are focus to provide the basic and imperative skills in this department.


  • Broadcasting, Journalism and Media Studies
  • printing technology
  • Digital media
  • videography
  • photojournalism
  • photography

Welcome to AIRADS ,school of business and management studies programmes.The world currently is business oriented and entrepreneurial-driven.This department will generate answers to your questions.

  • Business Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Entrepreneurship Development
  • Library Science and Information Studies
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Accountancy
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Cooperative Management
  • Petroleum Geo-Science
  • General Agriculture
  • Land Mapping and Survey
  • KASNEB Courses. (CPA & ATD)
  • Artisan in store keeping

Basic education is a necessity enshrined in our 2010 constitution and a path to build and perhaps perpetuate the vision 2030. The government is in public domain campaigning for quality education to the kids and nursery pupils. we therefore in accordance to KNEC requirements and ministry of higher education policy as a TVETA institution provide an environment for teachers and tutors in the field. Our students are highly skilled and productive ready to tackle any challenge that arises in this field.

The following are courses offered in the school of Education.

  • Diploma early childhood education
  • Certificate in early childhood education
  • Diploma in childcare & protection
  • Diploma in counseling, guiding & psychology
  • Certificate in KNEC proficiency
  • Diploma in disaster management & Trauma counseling.
  • Diploma in special needs Education