Since the inception of the college in 2006, we have continuously received students for various courses. We are glad that the students have always been guided accordingly in their aspirations to become people of substance. We have a fully functional office and Marketing department that has always provided the right pathway for our students.

Steps to follow when choosing a career

  1. Consider your interests, abilities and preferences.
  2. Seek information about the area you think you are interested in. The sources of information could be library, clubs, professional groups, and internet.
  3. c) Prepare for your career-choose the right subjects at secondary school that institutions of higher education require to train you in a particular career. The subjects that you take in school

form an important basis for your career choices.

  1. d) Develop universal skills-Irrespective of the career you choose, there are universal skills and qualities that you need. These include:
  • Computer literacy
  • Presentation skills (written & oral)
  • English language skills
  • Basic mathematics and numeracy skills
  • Intelligence
  • Self confidence
  • Willingness to accept responsibility
  • Innovation- be able to bring new ideas and suggestions.
  • Inter-personal skills- you need to be a team player.
  • Ability to handle conflict.
  • Honesty
  • Organization
  • Career ambition
  • Persuasiveness
  1. e) Keep updated on changes relating to the career of choice.

The persons as parents, teachers, and professionals in the field and university admissions persons can be of much help as well as internet. As a result, make the necessary adjustments.

There are numerous career opportunities in the various social-economic fields.

Students are advised to choose a career from the field they are interested in.

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