This course offered at African Institute of Research and Development Studies -AIRADS college is intended to equip learners with necessary skills required to undertake and solve any ICT issues .

This course is intended to equip the trainees with knowledge, skills and attitudes which are responsive to the challenging needs in the computing industry. The course will allow the graduates to work in a salaried employment or self-employment.

Curse overview


DICT 5201: Introduction to Computers and Principles of operating systems
DICT 5202: Computer Applications
DICT 5203: Communication skills
DICT 5204: Structured programming
DICT 5205: Computational mathematics
DICT 5206: Entrepreneurship
DICT 5207: Operating system


DICT 5208: Systems Analysis and Design
DICT 5209: Object oriented Programming
DICT 5210: Computer application II
DICT 5211:  Visual programming.
DICT 5213: Quantitative methods
DICT 5214: Database management system.
DICT 5214: Practicum


DICT 5215: Management information systems
DICT 5216: Principles & Practice of Management
DICT 5217: Data Communication and networking
DICT 5218:  Quantitative methods
DICT 5219: Internet based programming
DICT 5220: Research Project



  • programmer,
  • computer hardware engineer,
  • web developer,
  • computer network architect,
  • computer systems designer,
  • information systems analyst,
  • ICT Consultant
  • Web Developer
  • Computer Systems Manager
  • Computer Systems Analyst
  • Software Application Developer
  • ICT Manager

Minimum Qualifications

KCSE mean grade C- (minus)

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