NITA short courses


Beauty Therapy3 months
Hair dressing3 months
ICT3 months
Electrical installation3 months
Welding3 months
Plumbing3 months
Solar technology3 months
Project management3 months
Front office mgt3 months
Public relations3 months
 3 months


weldingLevel 41 YEAR
Motorcycle mechanicLevel 3,& level 61 YEAR
Electrical installatonLevel 31 YEAR
Building technicianLevel 61 YEAR
MarsonryLevel 31 YEAR
plumbingLevel 31 YEAR
agripripreneurshipLevel ,4,5,&61 YEAR
Marriage and family counsellingLevel 61 YEAR
Counseling psychologyLevel 61 YEAR
House keeping mgtLevel 6,31 YEAR
Food technologylLevel 61 YEAR
Hair dressing &beauty therapyLevel3,4,5 &61 YEAR
Office administrationLevel 5 & level 61 YEAR
Business administrationLevel 61 YEAR
Human resourse mgtLevel 5,& 61 YEAR
Project managementLevel 5,& 61 YEAR
Office assistantLevel 41 YEAR
Records and archivesLevel 5 & 61 YEAR
Supply chain managementLevel 5 & 61 YEAR
Certified pension managementLevel 61 YEAR
Security guardingLevel 31 YEAR


Other shortcourses

Events  management

-Financial planning-

Germany-3 months-

Solar technology-

Wating servces(waiters/waitresses



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