Bungoma Town Campus

 Welecome to Bungoma Campus

  Message from the Principal Mrs Saumu Saidi

Welcome to    African Institute of Research And Development Studies   BUNGOMA CAMPUS (AIRADS), the one of the branches  among the eight AIRADS’ colleges  in Kenya. As you enter AIRADS BUNGOMA, you realize you are in an institution focused and set to provide quality Academic Programmes to students from all corners of the country and beyond. In line with our mission, we want to create an academic spirit of commitment to intellectual pursuit.

 The college therefore devotes its energy on research and teaching with a view to encouraging practical approach to the solution of problems affecting local and international communities.

AIRADS’ vision is: To provide the best training and cutting edge research that will ensure developmental transformation of individuals, countries and the African continent at large.

 We have two departments whose aim is to mould students into fine graduates. These are: department of Social Sciences and Department of Business/I.T .

In response to the current trend on the Kenyan market, AIRADS has tailored courses to meet the development needs of the country. The short courses include certificate in ; Disaster Management,  Computer repair & maintenance, project management, HIV/AIDS Management, NGO Management, Counseling, Health Records Management,  Networking, Public relation, Business plan writing, Enterprise & Business management, Advocacy & Lobbying, Health Records management,  Leadership skills, Drug abuse & Rehabilitation, Marketing & Business plan writing, School/ College management  among others. The main objective is to train and produce qualified personnel ready to contribute towards capacity building for effective management of infrastructure against disaster and sustainable development of society. The courses further aim at introducing students to Innovative thinking, Hardwork, Integrity, Corporate social responsibility and Excellence in their day to day life.

The college currently has  four   schools namely;

The school of information Technology  which entail such courses as certificate and Diploma in Information Technology, Certified Information  Communication Technology [CICT} and Information Communication Technology technicians [ICTT]

The school of accountancy which comprises of such courses as Certified Public Accountant [CPA] and Accounting Technician Certificate [ATC]

The school of business Management which consisits of courses such as  Higher National Diploma in Human Resource Managmeent, Diploma in Hman Resource Mnagmenr, Diploma in and certificate in Business management, Diploma in Aouuntancy, Diploma and certificate Supply chian management and diploma  and certificate in Sales & marketing.

The school of Education consist of courses such as Diploma and Certificate in Early child Hood Development and  Certificate in KNEC proficiency

AIRADS maintains collaborations and linkages with Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology,. The linkages aim at promoting the sharing of knowledge and resources of nature for sustainable development and creating an environment in which human beings can survive and realize their potential.

Apart from pursuing academic excellence, the college also strives to promote its students extra curricula activities..

On the one hand,  departments as well as the administration office at AIRADS work hard in support of students’ needs i.e there is student needy  kitty which support in paying part of the tuition fee  for the needy students  .  On the other, our departmental members have been known to be well versed in their disciplines and recognized for their teaching skills and commitment.  They share a passion to nurture quality  for the pursuit of knowledge and consistently challenge students to expand their minds and hearts.                 

I thank you for taking time to visit our website and share our vision. I would also like to believe that the site will attempt to answer some of the questions you wish to ask about AIRADS and our academic programmes.

Thank you!

Academic Registrar

Academic Division is one of the major divisions within the central administration and organization of African Institute of Research and Development Studies Bungoma Campus. The division is administered through the office of the Academic registrar with the assistance of departmental heads.

The Academic Affairs encompasses a wide array of activities and functions in support of the academic mission of the institution. The Academic registrar coordinates academic programs, academic instruction, student learning, and academic outreach and community partnerships.

The academic registrar works to ensure academic staff quality and advancement by providing leadership on matters related to academic staff appointment, promotion and the overall working conditions of the academic staff.

The academic registrar also works to increase student retention, promote student engagement and active learning and ensure that students achieve their educational goals In addition to working with the HODs, the office of Academic registrar’ responsibilities include academic planning, programs, student admission and support services, Academic Linkages and Collaboration.

Chrispus Kimingichi Wanjala

Academic Registrar

Bungoma town Campus.



Department of Social Science has played a pivotal role in the expansion of knowledge frontiers in the field of education and community healthy geared towards finding solutions to problems at various levels. The department offers different courses in social sciences and education examined by Kenya National Examination Council in line with the Institution’s Vision and Mission, it is continuously achieving scientific excellence through Teaching, Research and Knowledge transfer.

The department attracts the best students (inter) nationally who undertake the broad range of social science and education based disciplines that are market responsive in preparing the social  scientists and professionals for the challenges of tomorrow.

Through linkages with industry, schools and local communities, the staff, students and alumni are able to define, analyze and provide solutions to social science issues.

Lucy Mwale


Social Science

Department of Business and ICT

 The department of Business and ICT was established after merging Department of ICT and Business. 

Through these, various programmes are offered ranging from business and ICT. The examination bodies include Kenya National Examination Council, KASNEB and ABE (Association of Business Executives). The department has well trained lectures that ensure quality education. The department has a well equipped computer laboratory with a standby generator.

The department employs professionally competent lecturers and other staff in all disciplines. Approximately 100 students are graduated every year from the department programmes and many more graduate from other programmes after passing through the school for specific courses that make part of their programmes.

Nancy Barasa


Department of ICT and Business

Message from Deans of Students

The Office of the Dean of Students is primarily concerned with students' welfare, from entry to graduation. Admission to the institution marks the beginning of one's career, hence it requires one to make mental, physical and emotional adjustments. This office has staff members who help students adjust to life in the institution. The institution has various students' bodies, which represent students’ interests. Through the various representatives, students access all decision-making levels from the halls to the Principal, all the way to the Board of Directors. SAIRADSO recognizes organized student governments and encourages students’ participation in decision-making, planning and implementation of the plans.

Dean of Students

Frankline Lumula


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