This Course  at AIRADS college is intended to equip the learner  with knowledge, skills, experience  and attitudes that will enable the student to understand and perform Information and Communication Technology operations, projects and industry works perfectly.

By the end of this Course, the learner should be able to: –

  • Understand the role of Computers in our society
  • Understand various components of computer system
  • Must have acquired  basic Information and Communication Technology skills
  • Appreciate computer software
  • Appreciate computer networks
  • Understand the Internet and Web related applications
  • Understand the concept of ICT in the industry

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  • KCSE C- and above
  • KNQA qualification requirements
  • Certificate in ICT

The course takes a duration of  three years . It is examined by KNEC, CDACC and NITA. Students can learn online or attend  classes in our respective campuses.

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