A pregnant silence invites you as you climb the stairs heading to the lecture rooms. Peeping inside the rooms, students are busy flipping pages and using their pens to note some key points. Minimal movement is seen at this point. This is an indication that exams are around the corner or have already commenced.
Don’t be deceived though; this campus is usually a bee hive of activities. Students up and down chasing things beneficial to them. The corridor is filled with a lot of laughter and chit chats. Normally students are in groups taking selfies, listening to music and sharing various items they have seen on the internet. This is before the classes begin.
Then they are those who just love to be by themselves. You will find them in a quiet cornor loot in their thoughts. Some love a change of environment and move around to greet their friends. But during this period all that has been put to hold.
During the examination period, seriousness is a never an option. It is a must. Not seriousness in terms of facial expression but in terms of concentration when revising. A common phrase being the last minute can save a man.
By Purity Masitsa

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