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School of Education

Welcome to School of Education

Basic education is a necessity enshrined in our 2010 constitution and a path to build and perhaps perpetuate the vision 2030.AIRADS College in line with this,has committed to ensure CBET is fully implemented in this area.

AIRADS College is the best College in Kenya offering Certificate and Diploma courses in education.Our centre code for KNEC is 26-509003.

Historical records not only from the travels of Johann Ludwig Krapf and Johannes Rebmann reveal that Kenyans had access to education as far back as 1728 with a Swahili manuscript Utendi wa Tambuka (Book of Heraclius) attesting to the fact. The CMS missionaries interacted with locals in the coastal town of Mombasa and set up one of the earliest mission schools in the country at Rabai in 1846.

In 2017, Kenya for the second time in history introduced a new system of education; the Competency Based Curriculum (CBC), to replace the traditional 8–4–4 system introduced by the late President Moi in 1985. The Competency based Curriculum was designed by the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD) with the aim of churning out ‘engaged, empowered and ethical citizens.AIRADS College has adopted this system of education through TVETA.

African Institute of Research and Development Studies is A center of Excellence Where quality is Nurtured.

Courses offered

  • Certificate in Childcare and Protection
  • Diploma in Childcare and Protection
  • Diploma in Guide,Counselling and Psychology.

We have cited and identify few sites that can help you learn more skills and get good resources.

Short Courses Offered

  • Certificate in Disaster Management
  • Certificate in Counselling Psychology
  • Certificate in Ethics and County Governance
  • Certificate in School/College Management
  • Certificate in Customer care mgt
  • Certificate in Front office Management
  • Certificate in Advocacy and Lobbying
  • Certificate in Leadership skills
  • Certificate in Stress Management
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Important Documents

“A man’s mind, stretched by new ideas, may never return to its original dimensions.”
Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.

Graduation Ceremony