Diploma in Petroleum Geo-science

Course Description

The formation, distribution and preservation or destruction of oil and natural gas resources are governed by geologic histories of basins and the sedimentary, geochemical and tectonic processes operating in them. Oil industry is an expensive and risky enterprise. Petroleum geoscience is a crucial tool for finding and developing hydrocarbon resources and for reducing the business risks. Petroleum geo-science, in its varied aspects, is thus a key component to the modern methods of exploration, development and production in the petroleum industry.

This Petroleum Geoscience course aims to provide students with a knowledge-base

(1) to understand the fundamental terms, principles, and tools of petroleum geo-science in order to communicate with other professional and comprehend petroleum geoscience reports and discussions,

(2) to understand how various disciplines and methods of geoscience are integrated to characterize and evaluate hydrocarbon basins and prospects,

(3) to better benefit from other courses offered in this  Petroleum Engineering Program.

Career progression:upon completion,a student may proceed to do KASNEB Courses, Higher Diploma,bachelor`s degree,masters and even PHD in the same field or related field.

Duration: 6 months per module

Exam body: KNEC

Modules: 3 modules

Minimum Qualifications

  • KCSE C- (minus) and Below or KCPE or Equivalent qualifications approved by KNEC

Mode Of Study

  • Full time/Regular
  • Part time
  • Weekend Classes
  • Distance learning