Diploma in Early childhood Education

Diploma in Early childhood education (ECDE) course offered at AIRADS College is aimed at equipping trainees with right skills for basic education.

All candidates  at AIRADS College are evaluated both through internal and external examinations.

Project Work is carried out by an individual trainee. It forms part of Research, Monitoring and Evaluation unit. The Project is internally and externally assessed and marks submitted to KNEC.

Attachment is done as part of internal assessment for a period of 4 weeks (one month). The trainee observes, records and reports the findings to AIRADS College.

G) External Examination is conducted and marked by KNEC for the award of diploma  in Early Childhood Development and Education to successful candidates.

Teaching Practice is mandatory and MUST be passed by all students to qualify them for the award of diploma certificate in ECDE.

A Leaving Certificate is awarded by AIRADS College upon completion.

The diploma consists of six (6) written papers and (1) research project.
Candidates must take all the seven (7) papers at the first sitting.
Thereafter the candidate can sit for papers they fail or are referred in.
A candidate who fails in more than two (2) papers will have to re-sit all the exam papers except the project paper if they had passed.

The course has 23 units and teaching practice.


UNIT 01 Foundations of ECDE

UNIT 02 General psychology

UNIT 03 Curriculum Development

UNIT 04 Child Growth & Development

UNIT 05 General methods of teaching

UNIT 06 Child Rights & Protection

UNIT 07 Language activities

UNIT 08 Mathematics activities

UNIT 09 Music & Movement activities

UNIT 10 Science activities

UNIT 11 Physical activities/Education

UNIT 12 Research, monitoring & Evaluation

UNIT 13 Social studies activities

UNIT 14 Creative activities

UNIT 15 Health, Nutrition & Care

UNIT 16 Children in need of Special Care

UNIT 17 Guidance & Counseling

UNIT 18 Community Development

UNIT 19 Personality Development

UNIT 20 Admin. and Management of ECDE

Other Costs:

Course Registration.

Teaching Practice (Assessment & Book)

Research Project (Research Supervision)

Internal Exam result slip & Certificate

Course Duration

Certificate course in Early Childhood Education (ECDE) OFFERED at AIRADS College takes 2 years for full time classes. It takes 3 years for school based students.It is examined by KNEC.

Mode of Study

  • Regular
  • school based (April,August & December)
  • Weekend classes
  • Distance Learning Classes
  • Online Classes


KCSE C(plain) and Above or equivalent qualifications by KNEC

Certificate in ECDE


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