Cultural Events

Culture is  deeply entrenched  in our education system and is important for us understand the emphasis behind . Culture expresses the way people live,associate,believe ,and their lifestyles in general. Every community has its own way of living and practices which is different from the other. Cultural diversity is thus important  because our country, workplaces, and schools increasingly consist of various cultural, racial, and ethnic groups. We can learn from one another, but first we must have a level of understanding about each other in order to facilitate collaboration and cooperation. AIRADS has embrace this spirit to an extend of allowing students to participate in cultural activities during cultural days.we are a community composed of many cultures.

benefits of cultural diversity in our institutions
  • 1)  Develops Talents, &skills .
  • 2) It encourages  innovation and inventions among students
  • 3) Develop Language skills can open doors for young entrepreneurs
  • 4) It grows your talent pool as a student
  • 5) Improves student`s  performance.
  • 6) makes students active and appreciate apprenticeship among each other.


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importance of cultural diversity


cultural day

Cultural day is dramatic and critical if cultural diversity has to be embraced.




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