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Career Guidance

Choosing a career

Your career choice will be one of the most important choices you make in your life. Choosing a career actually means that you are starting off on career planning for the rest of your work life. Your career choice can influence your future career development, work satisfaction and self-actualization or growth. AIRADS College will give you guidance to assist you to make such a choice.All our courses are guided by TVETA guidelines and procedures on policy implementation.

Career choice is a significant issue in the developmental live of youths because it is reported to be associated with positive as well as harmful psychological, physical and socio-economic inequalities that persist well beyond the youthful age into an individual’s adult life (Robertson, 2014Bubić and Ivanišević, 2016).

The complexity of career decision-making increases as age increases (Gati and Saka, 2001). Younger children are more likely to offer answers about their ideal career which may represent their envisioned utopia and phenomenal perceptions about what they want to do when they grow up (Howard and Walsh, 2011)

Young people  career decision-making is required to go through a process of understanding by defining what they want to do and exploring a variety of career options with the aid of guidance and planning (Porfeli and Lee, 2012). Proper handling of the process affirms individual identity and fosters wellbeing, job satisfaction and stability (Kunnen, 2013).

Check more on “Brown, Duane. (2002). Career Choice and Development. Hoboken, NJ: Jossey-Bass.”

Steps to choosing a career

There are hundreds of careers to choose from. When choosing a career, you need to understand yourself, know the different career options trending  in the   market and then put it all together to make an informed choice, based on whether you find the career satisfying and that it gives you purpose in life.

Guide to self-knowledge

You need to know how you are as a person with regard to aspects that would be of importance in a career.

To know yourself you need to do self-reflection in the following areas that will guide you to a career choice:

  • What you like (Interests),
  • What you are good at (Abilities).
  • Skills you have already build up in work/hobbies/leadership positions
  • What you are like as a person (Personality)
  • What you regard as important in life (Values)
  • Professional prestige- Professional prestige was identified as an important deciding factor for youth career decision making in India (Agarwala, 2008), South Africa (Bojuwoye and Mbanjwa, 2006), Croatia (Wüst and Leko Šimić, 2017), Japan and Korea (Yamashita et al., 1999), which are all collectivist settings.
  • Job satisfaction
  • Job accessibility

Career interests:

Imagine a career which you enjoy so much that you do not even see it as work, but almost feel as if you are working at your most interesting hobby and in which you do not even count the hours go by. What you enjoy doing. This generates career passion. Subjects that you loved most, dream career. Join AIRADS College to understand and shape your passion

Personality traits

People often say different people are made for different careers. If you are a shy person, you will not be happy in a career where you have to work with strange people the whole time. Think of about ten personality traits (how you are as a person) you have and write them down on a piece of paper.

Career Values

Career Values are the aspects you deem important in a career. If you want to have much money, it is not going to work for you, to choose a career which will bring in a small salary. Write down on a separate piece of paper some conditions that must exist in your future career, or what you would want from a career, for example to pay your house.

Very important considerations for a career choice

      • Scarce and critical skills are those skills that are in high demand in

      the labour market, thus employers will snap up people with such skills very

Quickly. It is no use to study in a career field where you will not find work.

      • Computer skills and a driver’s licence are two critical skills that all employees

need on top of their work skills.

      • The right work attitude such as timeliness, adherence to rules, good

interpersonal relationships. These can be gathered through life skills training.

AIRADS College is the best technical training institution in Kenya. Remember, while choosing a career, your incubation place is very imperative. In African Institute of Research and Development Studies, we provide you with a conducive environment. This is one of the best TVET Institution in Kenya. We have various courses that can help you shape your destiny.

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Marketable courses in Kenya

  • Catering ,hotel and accommodation Management
  • Food and Beverage Management
  • Electrical Installation
  • Hair Dressing and Beauty Therapy
  • ICT
  • Plumbing and Water Engineering
  • Human Resource Management
  • Land Mapping and Survey
  • Accountancy
  • Computerized secretarial studies
  • Health Records
  • Social Work and Development
  • Community Health and Development
  • Nutrition and Dietetics

Best Colleges In Kenya

  • AIRADS College, ELdoret Campus
  • AIRADS College, Kisumu city campus
  • AIRADS College,Kericho campus
  • AIRADS College,Nakuru campus
  • AIRADS College,Lodwar Campus
  • AIRADS College,Bungoma campus

7 Factors To Consider  in Choosing A career

1)Do you Know yourself?-Know your strengths

2)What is your Passion?

3)What is your Personality?

4)What are your Values?

5)Personal Dreams and Vision.?

6)What are  your gifts/Talents?

7)What are your ambitions?

1)Do you Know yourself?-Know your strengths

2)What is your Passion?

3)What is your Personality?

4)What are your Values?

5)Personal Dreams and Vision.?

6)What are  your gifts/Talents?

7)What are your ambitions?