We have the following facilities for our academic programmes;

Computer Labs

All our campuses have well equipped computer laboratories with adequate Internet Provision



Library Facilities


We have well equipped libraries with adequate reference short loan and Long Loan Books available for our students and other library users for 6 days a week.



This is our last  workshop on sustainable goals in education. Inorder to offer relevant and career oriented courses, AIRADS normally conduct and more importantly participate in workshops that are channeled in the same field.. Our goal is to actively discuss topics that will make us move forward

In order to best facilitate informed discussion, we encourage attendees to read the accepted topics prior to attending the workshop.

If you wish to present on a topic, you should submit a position statement by the deadline (see important dates). Our program committee will review the input provided, and select the most relevant topics and perspectives.

learning in process

We have modern lecture halls which are well-furnished.


Join us today. How to Apply:

  1. Enter your KCSE Index no;
  2. Choose your preferred course;
  3. choose your preferred campus and proceed to download your admission after providing the necessary details required.
  4. You can alternatively apply directly if your year of KCSE completion is not there.
  5. http://app.airads.ac.ke



This is our transport sector. For Efficiency and effectiveness,AIRADS have one of the best transport sector in the industry


kericho campus trip to Kampala

An educational field trip can be an integral part of the instructional program. Good field trips provide participants with first hand experience related to the topic or concept being discussed in the program. They provide unique opportunities for learning that are not available within the four walls of a lecture hall.