Diploma in welding & Fabrication

Course Description
At AIRADS you will take the first steps into your new career, learning in a practical environment how to lay out materials, follow instructions and drawings and then assessing the most suitable method of welding to complete your tasks. You will be supervised and guided all the way through by highly skilled industry specialists.

Successful Welders and Fabricators can change slabs of metal, piping, plastic, ceramic, composite materials into functional useful items that can be used to aid, process and support man in a variety of different roles. An engineer will have experience and knowledge of using various processes to achieve the end result whether it is Welding, Brazing, Soldering, Bonding or Surfacing to get to the heart of the problem and recommend solutions.
Career progression:upon completion,a student may proceed to do Higher Diploma,bachelor`s degree,masters and even PHD in the same field or related field.

Entry requirement: KCSE C- (minus)

Duration: 6 months per module

Exam body: KNEC

Modules: 3 modules

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