Certificate in Cooperative Management

Course description

This course entails an in-depth study of cooperative societies in and outside Kenya as a country, as we all know  cooperative societies  make up financial institutions and therefore having funds at hand proper management and control techniques as pertains the funds have to be put in place, cooperative management as a course is geared towards ensuring that  learners are equipped with skills on how to manage and also give out these funds in form of loans to their interested parties while making profits through interest rates.

Possible career opportunity: The graduates from the course can be employed in all co-operatives Management opportunities

Expansion: upon completion a student can do  KASNEB certification  Courses, Diploma, Higher Diploma in business course,Bachelor`s degree,masters and PHD and CM Membership.

Entry requirement:  KCSE  mean grade-D  (plain)

Duration: 6 months per module

Exam body: KNEC

Modules: 2 modules

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