Certificate in Banking and Finance

Course Description

Certificate level is a general foundation stage for professional studies in banking under the Institute of Bankers and provides a general overview of the areas of study and specialization.

After completing the certificate stage, student members will be expected to apply the knowledge covered in the various courses of study in the various operations at their work place.

Possible career opportunity: The graduates from the course can be employed as: Bankers, Accountants and any accounting related opportunities.

Career progression: Upon completion,a student may proceed to do KASNEB  certification Courses, Diploma in Banking & Finance, Higher Diploma in any business course,Bachelor`s degree ,masters and PHD in the same or related field.

Entry requirement:  KCSE  mean grade-D (plain)

Duration: 6 months per module

Exam body: KNEC

Modules: 2 modules

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